About Us

Who are we ?

Founded by Thomas Di Giovanni, Photographer and State gratuated Architect, the REVA agency – Real Estate Visual Agency – based in Aix-en-Provence, aims to offer you quality visuals that will highlight your goods and your brand image.
Through our videos we highlight the experience of the places we film and the art of living that surrounds them. Forget the numbers, let’s highlight the emotion.
More than just video services, we create supports for you that will arouse your customers’ crushs and curiosity.
The eye of the architect and the framing of the photographer are two components that define our work and allow us to offer you the visuals that suit you.
With these Luxury real estate videos, give the opportunity to your clients to better project themselves into the atmosphere of your property.

Thomas Di Giovanni , Fondateur de REVA

“Framing is choosing. Framing is the desire to share a vision, a sight.”

Why trust us ?

Through our shots, discover your goods from their best angles and guide your customers on a most immersive visit. Trust our approach to space and the means we put in place to transcribe the uniqueness of each place.
To frame is to choose. Framing is the desire to share a vision, a look.
Our unique approach and our relationship to architecture make our videos privileged tools for high-end real estate.
Through the visuals we create, future buyers anticipate field visits which will be all the more qualitative and will benefit from a better transformation rate.
Increase your efficiency and obtain exclusive mandates using the powerful and impactful tools that suit you.
We can adapt our solutions to your digital marketing strategy with ideal video formats for your social networks, website and shop windows.
These visuals will highlight the quality of your service; they will facilitate contact and gain visits.

They trusted us